Electrolytic gold plating, silver replacement for connectorsElectrolytic gold plating, silver replacement for connectorsElectrolytic gold plating, silver replacement for connectors
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Tin Whiskers Formation

Tin Whiskers Solution

An important new technology from Uyemura
prevents whiskers formation in electroplated tin
for 22,000 hours – and longer.

prevent tin whiskersGRX-70 is a unique, high-speed electrolytic plating process –
a breakthrough in the control of tin whiskers. Whisker
crystals of tin and tin-based alloys are the most common
culprits in the short circuiting of electronic components.
Most often, the cause of tin whiskers is compressive stress.
The proprietary technology developed by Uyemura dissipates
compressive stress, preventing whisker formation. GRX-70 is ideally suited for connectors and semiconductor lead frames.

Features include:

  • High purity anode
  • High deposition speeds for rackless and reel-to-reel processing
  • High deposition efficiency over a wide current density range
  • Bath is lead and fluoride free, and foam-resistant.
  • Operating range is 113-131°F, with 122° the optimum.
  • Film has a uniform white matt appearance; appearance after reflow
    is excellent. Carbon and sulfur concentrations in the film are very low.
  • Excellent solderability.

Read: The Elimination of Whiskers from Electroplated Tin.
by Masanobu Tsujimoto, Don Gudeczauskas, and George Milad

Electrolytic gold plating, silver replacement for connectors

Electrolytic Gold, Silver
Replacement, Other High-
Performing Processes for
Connectors, Industrial Wires

Auruna® 526 Electrolytic
Gold Cobalt plating process.
Auruna® 526 was developed for
barrel plating and vibrating basket
applications. It is one of many
electrolytic gold plating processes
developed by Umicore Galvanotechnik.
Features include:

Excellent throwing power
Superior metal distribution, especially for hollow parts
Deposit contains 0.1 to 0.3 weight % cobalt.
Simple bath maintenance
Long bath life – tolerant to metal impurities
Auruna® 8100 – High speed electrolytic gold cobalt
alloy deposition. One of many electrolytic gold plating
processes developed by Umicore Galvanotechnik.
Features of the system:

Deposition speed up to 440 microinches per minute
Bright, solderable deposit
Excellent abrasion resistance
Low Electrolytic gold plating, silver replacement for connectorscontact resistance
Deposit alloy 0.1 to 0.3 weight % cobalt
Miralloy® Copper-Tin-Zinc alloy deposition is an excellent silver replacement.
Miralloy is a neologism from the words “mirror” and “alloy” dating back to the
manufacturing of bronze mirrors in antiquity. The system will deposit copper-tin
or copper-tin-zinc alloys.
Features of Miralloy:

Non-magnetic deposit, suitable for high-frequency applications
Lead-free systems pass RoHS requirements
Excellent thickness distribution
Excellent abrasion resistance
Excellent silver replacement due to superior anti-tarnish characteristics
Good contact resistance values in sulphur-containing atmospheres
Niphos is an electrolytic plating system that deposits a nickel-
phosphorus alloy of between 6 and 13 weight % phosphorus.
Features of the system:

Can be used in reel to reel, rack, and barrel applications
Current densities of up to 300 ASF are achievable.
Better plated thickness distribution than pure nickel deposits
Better wear properties than electrolytic nickel
Excellent corrosion resistance
Can be used for connectors when combined with thin gold overcoat
Passes Bellcore GR-1217-CORE requirements when overcoated with gold.

NEW Nickel-Phos Electrolytes Debut
Two important new Niphos electrolytes both generate huge energy savings as EN replacements, and exhibit less internal stress compared with existing Niphos electrolytes. The superior hardness, abrasion and corrosion properties inherent in Niphos products are identical.

NIPHOS® 967 plates via rack or barrel, was engineered for connectors. Used in combination with hard gold, it allows substantial reductions in gold thickness.

NIPHOS® 968 for barrel plating was developed to plate steel rods in hydraulics and shock absorbers: nickel-phosphorus layers are combined with chromium as a final layer. This combination allows lower thicknesses of the chromium and dramatically improves wear properties of the complete system.

Electrolytic Palladium Umicore Electrolytic Palladium 457 is a lightly alkaline (7.7 ph) palladium electrolyte that produces low-porosity coatings that are bendable, crack-free, up to 3 μm. Stable electrolyte has a wide operating range. Compatible with rack and barrel application; ideal for wire connectors, wire leads, printed circuit boards.
Platinode® platinized titanium anodes are used for precious
metal plating and non-ferrous base metal plating.
Extremely low porosity of the platinum coating
Anode life 2 to 3 times that of standard platinized anodes
High dimensional stability, no need for frames
Anodes can be formed to complex shapes.
Available in three mesh sizes
Available in two coating thicknesses
Single side or double side coated anodes available

Uyemura supplies the connector industry with high-speed electrolytic processes
that prevent tin whiskers, also electrolytic gold, electrolytic gold cobalt, Auruna,
Miralloy silver replacement, Niphos electrolytic plating, nickel phosphorus,
and Platinode platinized titanium anodes.

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