Research and Resources

Uyemura's central research labs in Hirakata (a suburb of Osaka, Japan) have over 70 full time R&D professionals dedicated exclusively to the development and optimization of functional and decorative plating chemistries.

Our Taiwan company has nearly a dozen additional R&D professionals assigned to new product development.

Uyemura also has R&D centers in China and Malaysia; the latter has been responsible for groundbreaking work in general metal finishing.

Other important research is being done by our partners. Most recently, we announced the availability of Umicore Niphos 967/968 electrolytes for nickel phosphorus plating. Recent advancements in electrolytic chemistry give Niphos 967/968 the plating performance of electroless nickel, at significantly lower total cost. Niphos has proven to be ideally suited to piston rods, shock absorbers and other products with relatively simple shapes. Read the full story about electrolytic nickel phosphorus plating in our newsletter.

Also recent and notable are extensions to Uyemura's line of MEC PCB surface treatments.

Uyemura specializes in electroless nickel / immersion gold, decorative black nickel, HASL alternative products, immersion silver, lead and cad-free finishes, electroless nickel, diamond reflective finishes, and alternatives to black oxide.

Other industry-leading UIC finishes are acid copper DC electroplate, ENIG, ENAG, gold wire bonding, electrolytic nickel gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, and under bump metallization processes for aluminum and aluminum alloys, and copper.