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Uyemura provides exceptional, problem-solving finishing technology solutions, including the
broadest range of PCB finishes, ENIG, ENEPIG, ENAG, and much more.



Pure Palladium vs.

Uyemura supplies both.
Each customer is unique,
so we recommend
solutions based solely on
your application.
Read about Pd vs. PdP

EVF-N DC Via Fill
Thru-Cup EVF-N plates copper
in through-holes and blind
vias simultaneously, cutting
process time by 50%. It
delivers exceptional perfor-
mance for blind via diameters
smaller than 150 micrometers.


UIC Boosts Western States Resources

Uyemura Director of Operations Don Walsh announces the appointment of Patrick Valentine as Manager of Six Sigma & Business Development. This new position combines leadership of a 'Tier 1' business initiative with responsibility for a key territory. More.

MorTech, a leading supplier to PCB manufacturing, is partnering with Uyemura to establish an MEC sample line in its Anaheim facility.

The MorTech Technology Center will let customers experiment with equipment, materials and processes off-site, so tests and evaluations can be made without interrupting production. More.



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UIC customer ISRO launches first dedicated satellite for astronomical research