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Bengston to Speak at IPC APEX

Bengston to Speak at IPC APEX

Jon Bengston, UIC Manager of Research & Development, will present “Contrasting Soldering Results of ENIG and EPIG, Post Steam Aging” at IPC APEX EXPO 2019, January 26-31. ENIG, (electroless nickel immersion gold) is a well-regarded finish for enhancing and preserving the solderability of copper circuits. EPIG (electroless palladium immersion gold) is a new surface finish, also for enhancing solderability but with the advantage of a deposit layer free of electroless nickel. This feature has become increasingly important with the increasing use of High Frequency PWB designs whereby nickel’s magnetic properties are detrimental. This presentation examines these two finishes and their respective soldering characteristics as-plated and after steam aging, and explains the performance deviation.

Milad to Speak at SMTA

Milad Chairs Sur-Fin Conferences

UIC National Accounts Manager for Technology George Milad will present “The Benefits of Insoluble Anodes in Acid Copper Plating” at the SMTA International Conference, October 14-18 in Rosemont, IL. SMTA is the preeminent organization for individuals and companies involved in surface mount and related electronic assembly technologies.

New Mixed Reaction Autocatalytic Gold Meets OEM Demand for Thicker Gold

TWX-40 is a reduction-assisted immersion gold bath

A new Uyemura technology, TWX-40, allows gold deposits of up to 8μin in ENIG and ENEPIG processing, in a single step.

TWX-40 is a reduction-assisted immersion gold bath that deposits gold using both immersion and autocatalytic (electroless) reactions.

The autocatalytic feature allows the gold to build without attacking the electroless nickel layer. Deposit uniformity is independent of pad sizes and PCB surface geometry or residual capacitance potential.

TWX-40 gold electrolyte plates directly on electroless palladium or nickel without intermediate activation. The bath exhibits excellent stability and fine geometry edge resolution. Best results are achieved when the bath is used with UIC’s Talon electroless palladium baths as the underlayer for PWBs and IC packages.  more

Eonta, DePoto Featured at Sur-Fin

Richard DePoto Sur-Fin

Richard DePoto, Uyemura Business Development Manager, and Mark Eonta, National Sales Manager, both spoke at NASF’s Sur-Fin, June 4-6 in Cleveland.

DePoto’s presentation focused on the development of a new plating technology that deposits high ductility copper directly onto aluminum alloy substrates without costly zincate pretreatment.

Eonta presented on electroless copper, a valuable alternative to electroless nickel, and its use in POP and other applications, during “Surface Finishing Boot Camp,” a popular annual feature of Sur-Fin conferences.

Uyemura CEO Honored for Service, Contributions

Uyemura CEO Tony Revier, shown with his wife, Mary Anne, after receiving the University of La Verne’s 125 Most Notable Graduates Award.

Uyemura President and CEO Tony Revier has twice been recognized by his alma mater, the University of La Verne, (La Verne, CA), an institution widely known for its influential business and public management programs.

Revier was honored as one of the University’s 125 Most Notable Graduates at a ceremony commemorating the 125th anniversary of the university. The awards were given by University President Devorah Lieberman to alumni based on four criteria. Honorees had made unique and significant contributions to the university, had a distinguished history of community service, had excelled in business, and had created a positive work environment for their employees. The awards were announced at an alumni ceremony.

Previously, Revier was selected by the university to join its Board of Trustees.

Revier received his MBA from La Verne in 1993, and has also served on its College of Business & Public Management Advisory Board. He has been CEO of Uyemura USA since 1988.

Groundbreaking Technology Facilitates Direct-to-Cu Plating

Talon 3 electroless palladium

Uyemura announces Talon 3 electroless palladium, a groundbreaking technology in board chemistry that allows plating directly onto copper. This development paves the way for EPIG – electroless palladium / immersion gold, a nickel-free alternative that becomes more consequential as lines become tighter and space more critical.

The EPIG finish made possible with Talon 3 electroless palladium solders perfectly after eight hours of steam aging – a significant achievement. The process was developed by Uyemura’s Connecticut Tech Center, one of the industry’s most renowned facilities for the development and testing of board chemistries. more

Uyemura Leads With EU REACH Compliance

Uyemura, and its European affiliate, Umicore, announce a series of European REACH-compliant (nickel-free) plating solutions for manufacturers of metal components.

The use of nickel in consumer objects has long been regulated by the European Nickel Act. Recently, a tightening of regulations, related to the degree and frequency of skin contact, has been adopted. This has resulted in many items that were not previously affected to be covered.

REACH-compliant solutions provided by Uyemura include Miralloy, a copper/tin/ zinc alloy that replaces silver, palladium and nickel for a many applications, and Palluna 457, a pure palladium that’s low in porosity, corrosion resistant, and builds crack-free layers of 3 μm and higher.

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