Jewelry Finishes: Silver Alternative, Decorative Black Nickel, and More

Silver replacement, decorative black nickel, Auruna gold Silver replacement, decorative black nickel, Auruna gold Silver replacement, decorative black nickel, Auruna gold

Miralloy – An electroplating alloy combination of tin, copper and zinc, is an excellent silver alternative that is tarnish-free. It is also an excellent substitute for nickel for zippers, buttons and clasps. Approximately 20% of the world’s population has a skin reaction to nickel metal. The longer this metal is in contact with skin, the more likely it is to cause a burn.

Miralloy is a high-quality, cost-effective silver alternative finish that is inert and long-lasting. It’s available in white or yellow versions (the latter is an under-plate for gold) and is used worldwide for zippers, buttons, clasps and decorative metal on all types of apparel.

The white version is often referred to as “white bronze.” It doesn’t tarnish and withstands normal clothes washing and drying.

Miralloy silver alternative is also available in a lead-free white version, and this is the variation most often used in North America.

Nickstar Black NickelNickstar – a decorative black nickel technology that deposits a thin, and highly uniform over-coat of black nickel-zinc alloy, preserving the substrate's brightness while producing an exceptionally rich black nickel finish.

Rhoduna Alloy – the world's first galvanic rhodium alloy, formulated from rhodium and ruthenium. It provides whiteness and performance characterstics equal to the highest-quality rhodium coatings, with even greater smoothness and durability.

Black Ruthenium – considered by many to be among the most attractive finishes. This process produces a deep, dark plated surface that closely resembles fine onyx. It seems to reflect and absorb light simultaneously. On large jewelry pieces, it is the perfect offset for gold. It is also an elegant finish for upscale eyewear.

Auruna Gold Plating process are also available for various requirements, whether related to color, hardness, or purity.

Platinodes – a product of German engineering, these are the most sophisticated platinized titanium anodes available. Conventional anodes are either platinum plated (leaving micro-pores) or clad (leaving micro-cracks). To counteract the aggressive nature of gold or rhodium plating (with the combination of electricity and chemistry both working to shorten the anode’s life), these anodes are plated in a unique molten platinum method — thus avoiding the cracks or pores and extending anode life. These anodes are available in a combination of mesh sizes, platinum thicknesses, and single or double-sided coatings.

Auruna, Platinode, TD, J-1, J-2, and Miralloy are trademarked products of Umicore-GT.

Uyemura jewelry finishes include Miralloy nickel alternative, white bronze, lead-free white bronze, black ruthenium, gold plating, white rhodium, and highly reflective plating processes for fine gemstones.