Via Filling

Acid Copper for “Via filling” connects the different layers in buildup technology (stacked vias and vias in pad) manufacturing, enhancing the long-term reliability of the PCB and the package.

Thru-Cup EVF-R acid copper system provides void-free blind via fill; its unique leveling agent keeps holes open until plating is complete. EVF-R plates aspect ratios of 1:1 and higher, and fills blind vias 3-4 mils, often in less than 90 minutes. 10x10 mil vias are successfully plated with EVF-R. Its unique organic additive system is based on DC rectification, so pulse plating is not required.

The process produces minimum (<15%) “dimple” and low surface thickness. Stable organic additives never require regeneration. Carbon treatment is recommended at 2000AH/L of bath every 10–12 months. Deposits have excellent elongation and tensile strength.

Quality technician performing AOI inspection of an inner layer via fill

Thru-Cup EVF-N simultaneously plates through-holes and vias, reducing process times. It delivers exceptional performance for hole diameters ≤150μm. The process uses DC current, minimizing equipment cost and chemical consumption.

MSC-PS is an excellent cleaner for acid copper applications, particularly blind via cleaning. This low surface tension cleaner has excellent wetting capabilities. It does not contain organic solvents, and will not attack the photoresist.

Thru-Cup EVF-YF-4 fills through-holes and blind vias, and pattern plates with exceptional uniformity. It maintains excellent tensile and elongation throughout bath aging, and is easily controlled by CVS.

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