Electroless Copper Processes

Thru-Cup JR-660 is a high performance electroless copper process with exceptional deposition consistency and adhesion on hole walls and other board surfaces. JR-660 exhibits lateral growth, resulting in excellent coverage in both through holes and micro-vias. The copper deposit is dense, with a fine grain structure.

Thru-Cup JR-760 medium build electroless copper bath has a high-performance deposition rate (1.5 – 1.8 microns (60-70 μins) in 30 minutes.) It is excellent for through hole and micro-via coverage with exceptional adhesion on hole walls and other board surfaces.

Desmear Products

Thru-Cup DEC-6000 permanganate desmear pretreatment increases electroless and electrolytic copper adhesion. DEC-6000 softens and swells the laminate, enhancing the desmear process.

Thru-Cup DEC-7000 etches the smear from the PCB holes after the sweller pretreatment. The desmear forms a cellular, rough surface, improving palladium absorption and enhancing electroless copper adhesion to the epoxy laminate.

Thru-Cup DEC-8000 acidic reducing neutralizer / conditioner solution reduces and dissolves manganese residues following permanganate treatment. The bath neutralizes alkalinity and prevents oxidizer drag into the process.

Thru-Cup DEC-9000 glass etch removes and frosts glass filaments, penetrating the PCB hole post desmear.

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