Uyemura Worldwide

Uyemura Worldwide

North American Headquarters
Ontario, CA, USA

North American Tech Center
Southington, CT, USA

Asian Headquarters / Tech Center
Osaka, Japan

Country Headquarters

Hong Kong
Shen Zhen, China

Technology Alliances

Schwbisch Gmund, Germany
Osaka, Japan

Umicore-GT - their Schwbisch Gmund, Germany facility benefits Uyemura customers with access to a team of 35 R&D professionals. This team is credited with the development of industry-leading processes for electroplating gold, silver, rhodium, ruthenium and decorative plating — as well as the non-precious Miralloy, Dialloy, and Niphos chemistries. Also among their credentials is the development of Platinode platinized titanium anodes for precious metal plating and non-ferrous base metal plating, also mixed metal oxide anodes. Uyemura is a leading supplier of MMO Anode Technology for electroplating.

MEC Company LTD - this Osaka-based company is the global leader in the interface treatment of electronics components. Its primary focus is products that use micro-roughening technology to optimize copper surface topography, and promote the adhesion of organic-based material such as dry film, soldermask or laminate, to those surfaces.