Uyemura Worldwide

Uyemura Worldwide
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Technology Alliances

North America Headquarters
Ontario, CA, USA

North America Tech Center
Southington, CT, USA

Asia Headquarters / Tech Center
Osaka, Japan

Hong Kong
Shen Zhen, China

Schwbisch Gmund, Germany
Osaka, Japan


Umicore-GT -This Schwbisch Gmund, Germany-based company is a leading global provider of precious metal electrolytes and compounds for electroplating gold, silver, rhodium and ruthenium. Umicore also produces precious metal-coated, dimensionally stable anodes for electroplating, as well as water treatment.

MEC Company LTD

MEC Company LTD - this Osaka-based company is the global leader in the interface treatment of electronics components. Its primary focus is products that use micro-roughening technology to optimize copper surface topography, and promote the adhesion of organic-based material such as dry film, soldermask or laminate, to those surfaces.

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