Etchants and Etch-free Layer Bonding

Uyemura processes provide optimum topography for organic adhesion. The degree of roughening is easily controlled to develop the proper surface for the application.

Organic Filmbond™ copper surface treatment process for high frequency PCBs provides a profile-free surface and high adhesion performance with insulation materials. It delivers sufficient adhesion strength for low loss dielectric resins. The treated copper surface profile is identical to plated copper.

MEC etchBOND CZ 8201 is an organic microetchant that enhances copper bonding to resins, specifically low-loss resins or soldermask. The unique surface topography of CZ 8201 cannot be duplicated by conventional chemical etchants. The depth of copper surface topography can be tailored to the application. Oxygenated chemistry produces the most stable etching rate available.

    CZ 8201 is ideal for high-adhesion applications:
  • Pretreatment for built-up resin lamination
  • Dry film lamination
  • Solder mask application
  • Pretreatment for prepreg lamination
  • with the addition of CL-2301 adhesion promoter

ETCHBOND CZ-2030 organic process is an ideal copper surface roughening treatment for use prior to resist or soldermask, with a unique surface topography that provides exceptional adhesion on resin systems. CZ-2030 has a stable etching rate, and provides maximum soldermask adhesion at a low etch (less than 40 μ inch). CZ-2030's single-component system, coupled with its high copper capacity (55 g/l) reduces storage and waste.

ETCHBOND CL-2301 aprovides anti-tarnish and copper-to-resin adhesion characteristics. Process offers simplified control and the flexibility of spray or immersion. The combination of CZ-2030 and CL-2301 is a highly effective alternative to black oxide/oxide alternative in multilayer lamination.


MECBRITE CA-5342 cleaner/degreaser removes dry film adhesive residues, fingerprints and oxides from copper surfaces without leaving organic traces. Its etching component can undercut and remove foreign materials from the surface. Its etch rate is lower than traditional microetchants, and easily controlled.

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