Reel-to-Reel Plating Products

Sealing 691 is Uyemura’s new generation of nanotechnology-based anti-tarnish processes. Developed by Umicore and available throughout North America exclusively from Uyemura, it provides high levels of protection from tarnish and corrosion, and robust technical properties.

Sealing 691’s proprietary organic molecule has a unique affinity for electrodeposition – and unrivaled process flexibility. It has a short dwell time – as little as 4 seconds, compared to competitive products at approximately 30 seconds – and is ideally suited to reel-to-reel processing.

Layers applied with an electrical potential can be deposited at high density (low porosity), resulting in exceptional corrosion performance. Sealing 691 maintains contact resistance well below 10 MΩ . It is compatible with soldering.

High-speed Gold-Cobalt Electrolytes

Auruna® 7100 operates at high current densities and deposition rates, is ideally suited to reel-to-reel systems. Coatings are brilliant, hard, solderable, and abrasion resistant, with consistently low contact resistance.

Auruna 8100 offers highest plating speeds, and an extended operating range. Hard gold coatings are low-porosity and wear resistant.

Auruna® 7100 Auruna® 8100
Current density range
(Jet-Lab, 12 g/l Au, pH 4.4)
up to 40 A/dm2 up to 80 A/dm2
Hardness 140-200 HV10 120-200 HV10
Plating speed up to 9 μm/min up to 11 μm/min

Auruna 7100 and 8100 are ideal for electronic components such as contacts, connectors, and edge connectors on PCBs.

New Chloride-free Electrolytes Plate at 12 to 25 ft./Minute

Two new Palluna electrolytes offer exceptional bath stability, low odor, and the ability to plate higher thicknesses.

Palluna® ACF-100 palladium nickel electrolyte also produces ductile, crack-free deposits that resist abrasion. With contact properties comparable to hard gold, it is a cost-effective option; the electrolyte deposits alloy coatings of approximately 80% Pd; hardness is 500-550 HV. ACF-100 is ideal for electrical contacts.

High speed Nickel-Phosphorus Electrolyte

High-speed electrical components finished with Uyemura’s reel-to-reel plating products

Niphos® 965 electrolyte produces the ideal intermediate layer prior to hard gold plating in reel-to-reel lines. PH stable process is superior to EN, producing layers that are amorphous, diamagnetic and abrasion and corrosion resistant. Niphos is contaminant-tolerant and free of halides, chloride, lead and cadmium.

Precious Metal Alternative

Miralloy® 2841 HS replaces silver, palladium and nickel for many applications, and was engineered specifically for R2R processing. This versatile alloy is 51% copper, 33% tin and 17% zinc; it deposits up to 2 μm at .9 μm/minute.

Miralloy has a mirror-like finish that maintains the brilliance of base materials. It it abrasion resistant and has a hardness value equal to electroplated nickel. Miralloy 2841 offers excellent solderability.

This versatile finish is also tarnish-free, RoHS compliant, and diamagnetic.

High speed Palladium-Nickel Electrolyte

Palluna 468 deposits palladium-nickel alloys in reel-to-reel equipment. The alloy composition can be adjusted by changing the palladium concentration in the electrolyte. Ductile layers are bright white, with low internal stress, low porosity, and good resistance to cracking, tarnishing and corrosion.

Pure Palladium Electrolytes for Ultra Bright White Coatings

Palluna 457 produces crack-free, bendable coatings up to 3 μm with a hardness of 300-350 HV 0.015. Plating speed is 0.24 μm/minute at 1 A/dm2; 0.12 μm at 0.5 A/dm2.

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