An Open Letter to Our Many Friends,
Colleagues, Customers, and Partners

Rarely do so many landmark events happen at once.
In this case, we at Uyemura are celebrating our best year, extraordinary success in a new market that has seemingly limitless potential, and an important evolution in our Senior Leadership Team.

Personally, I have taken a new role, with a 3-year agreement that allows me to focus exclusively on primary accounts, and manage international relations. This was an important element of the company’s 5-year plan. For me, as founder and President of Uyemura USA, it is a long-anticipated opportunity to work intensely in two arenas where my 33 years with this extraordinary company can best serve its long-term goals – and mine.

Taking the role of President and CEO is Mark Eonta. This is a well-deserved appointment on what is his 10th anniversary of service to Uyemura. Most recently, Mark was our Vice President, Sales.

I expect Mark’s technical skills and sales experience to be central to our success in adapting processes to solve customer issues, and to energizing our many strategic partnerships.

My agreement began this month, with potential re-negotiation in 2025. I will continue work from my office at corporate headquarters in California. Mr. Eonta will work between headquarters and our Technology Center in Connecticut.

The success of our development efforts promises to make the next two years, in particular, truly transformational for Uyemura. I look forward as always, to your thoughts, your counsel – and your friendship.


Tony Revier

Tony Revier

Tony-Revier and Mark Eonta

President’s Appreciation Letter

May, 2021

As I write this, North America, along with much of Europe and the Far East, is moving toward brighter times. The devastating Covid 19 Pandemic presented enormous challenges to our health and that of our loved ones, our work, and our social lives.

I am proud and humbled to observe that we at Uyemura, and our valued customers, vendors and partners, rose to meet these challenges, and for that, I am profoundly grateful. Every company and organization had to navigate unprecedented, and often conflicting, issues in the 15 months since most states radically curtailed business activity. Now that the most extreme effects are in our collective rear-view mirror, it’s a good time to take stock of what’s happened – and what’s next.

Anthony R. Revier - President/CEO

What has happened is no less than the triumph of strong relationships over adversity. If you’ve worked with Uyemura for any length of time, you know that long-term trusted relationships are our #1 priority, literally the cornerstone of everything we do. Time and again, that guiding principle has allowed us to work through adversities toward satisfactory solutions.

Certainly, it is time to express our most sincere appreciation… for working with us, for providing valuable insights and counsel, for supporting our efforts to serve our mutual customers and communities.

And in regard to those brighter times we’re beginning to see, please know you have our warmest regards, and enthusiastic support. Personally, and on behalf of Uyemura’s hundreds of associates in the US and worldwide, we deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


Anthony R. Revier / President/CEO

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