To Our Many Friends, Colleagues, Customers, and Partners

The recent expansion of Uyemura’s Senior Management Team created a singular opportunity for President Emeritus Tony Revier and incoming President Mark Eonta. These seasoned industry leaders each have a half-century of experience in PCB and IC plating chemistry, as well as general metal finishing technologies.

Together, they are committed to providing the expertise needed for Uyemura customers to thrive in the challenging environment of the decade ahead.

Uyemura and its global research and production resources is uniquely positioned to provide the leadership, technical service and final finishes knowledge to help our valued customers grow market share in their native industries, and excel in new ventures.

We understand how critical it is to achieve and maintain a meaningful competitive advantage. We are determined – and honored – to partner with them in that endeavor.

Tony-Revier and Mark Eonta

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