MMO Anode Technology

Platinode® platinized titanium anodes are used for precious metal plating and non-ferrous base metal plating.

Features include:

  • Extremely low porosity of the platinum coating
  • Anode life 2 to 3 times that of standard platinized anodes
  • High dimensional stability, no need for frames
  • Anodes can be formed to complex shapes
  • Available in three mesh sizes
  • Available in two coating thicknesses
  • Anodes are coated both sides

Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes / MMO Anode

Metal oxide anodes are manufactured from precious iridium and ruthenium oxides, sometimes combined with non-precious tantalum and titanium oxides. Solutions of these metals are applied in layers in a multi-stage process; they are transformed in a thermal process into their catalytically effective shape.

Features include:

  • Long service life in acidic solutions
  • Low organic consumption / low oxygen evolving potential
  • Undesirable anode reactions can be avoided
  • Less costly than PtTi-anodes
  • Lower precious metal consumption
  • Excellent cost-benefit-ratio

New from UIC:
Umicore 187 SO Anodes

Low oxygen-generating anodes reduce process variability and increase productivity.

Uyemura 187 SO MMO anodes markedly reduce the over-potential for anodic oxygen evolution. Additionally, the excellent stability of the MMO coated titanium anode does not contaminate the electrolysis system, improving the product’s purity and minimizing maintenance costs.

For acid copper PCB applications, 187 SO MMO insoluble anodes from Uyemura improve copper plating distribution, and eliminate nodules. The anode offers a constant area and does not require an anodic film.

The 187 SO anode enhances productivity by eliminating the costly downtime for anode maintenance and dummy plating.

Other Umicore anodes from Uymura

Platinode®177 Excellent performance with acidic electrolytes
Platinode®167 Excellent performance with alkaline and cyanide electrolytes
Platinode®147 For weak acidic/alkaline electrolytes
Platinode®197 For water electrolysis
Platinode®197SN High performance in cooling water system


These mixed metal oxide anodes - MMO anodes - are available with various materials and material ratios. The choice of coating - MMO or platinum – and layer thickness is tailored to individual customer requirements; talk with Uyemura about the MMO anode best suited to your process.

Download the brochure:
"Platinized Titanium and MMO Anodes in Electroplating Applications"