Performance Cleaners and Stripping Solutions

Performance Cleaners and Stripping Solutions

Thiourea-Free High-Performance Cleaners

Cleaner MSC-PS

MSC-PS acid soak cleaner removes organic residues, including light oils and oxides, and activates copper substrates prior to plating. Low surface tension makes it particularly suitable for high aspect ratio holes and small diameter blind vias. It wets blind vias thoroughly, facilitating highly uniform blind via filing using Thru-Cup EVF-R or Thru-Cup EVF-N. MSC-PS is highly recommended for acid copper pattern plating, as well as ENIG and ENEPIG. It is an excellent cleaner for PTH acid copper. MSC-PS acid cleaner rinses well, has minimal copper etching, and will not damage dry film or soldermask. It is an excellent drop-in replacement process for conventional vertical copper electroplating applications.

Cleaner ACL-634

ACL-634 is a through-hole cleaner for electroless nickel / immersion gold. This acid-type soaking cleaner is well suited for the pretreatment of electroless Ni/Au processes with NPT (Non-Plating Through Holes). ACL-634 removes palladium from NPTH, will not damage permanent resist, and rinses well with water.

Palla-Clean MPC-200 and MPC-300

These thru-hole soak cleaners are used prior to ENIG or ENEPIG. MPC 200 is an alkaline; MPC 300 is an acid cleaner designed for sensitive soldermasks. Both remove residual palladium from electroless copper processing in non-plated thru-holes, and are useful for ENIG pretreatment where residual Pd would otherwise allow nickel to deposit. They are excellent surface preps for micro-etching that will not compromise resists, and rinse well with water.

Thru-Cup ACL-007

ACL-007 multi-use acid soak cleaner cleans and activates copper substrates prior to plating. It removes organic residues, including light oils and oxides, and is highly recommended for use with the KAT and MNK processes. ACL-007 is a superior, time-proven surface preparation for microetching; it rinses well, and will not compromise soldermask.

Thru-Cup ACL-067

ACL-067 acid soak cleaner for final finish and acid copper cleans and activates copper substrates prior to plating. It removes organic residues, including light oils and fingerprints, as well as traces of oxidation. It also acts as a wetting agent. ACL-067 is chloride-free and is used in combination with peroxide etches. It is highly regarded as a pretreatment for ENIG, ENEPIG, immersion silver, immersion tin and acid copper, and is an excellent surface preparation for microetch. ACL-067 is compatible with dry film resist and rinses easily.

Cleaner ACL-839

ACL-839 is a high performance acid soak cleaner for cleaning and activating copper substrates prior to plating. It has excellent wetting properties and rinses easily with water. ACL-839 was developed specifically for flexible boards, and is ideally suited for fine pattern and through-hole cleaning. It will not damage soldermask, and is an ideal ENIG pretreatment.

Stripping Solutions

Copkia Rip II Gold Stripper works at room temperature to remove plated gold from parts.

Copkia Rip Palladium Additive, added to the above product, turns the stripper into the highest performing palladium stripper.