Electroless Gold, Electroless Nickel, and Electrolytic Tin for Ceramic Substrates

Uyemura is the Exclusive Supplier of Electroless Gold for ceramic and all other applications.

AuBEL Electroless Gold – Stable, alkaline pH, autocatalytic process. This system has been used in production for more than 20 years.

Features include:

  • High deposition ate of 80 microinches per hour
  • Pure gold deposit, greater than 99.9%
  • Excellent gold wire bond properties
  • Gold and reducer can be replenished

BEL-801 Electroless Nickel – Boron electroless nickel for deposition over metallized ceramic substrates. System operates at a neutral pH.

Features include:

  • Excellent solderability
  • Nickel purity over 99%
  • High as-plated hardness of approximately 800 Hv
  • High conductivity electroless nickel deposit
  • Fast initiation onto catalyzed surfaces, thus eliminating skip plating
  • Long bath life up to 5 metal turn overs

Pre-Treatment for Electroless Plating of Metallized Ceramics – Uyemura has a variety of pre-treatment processes available for the cleaning and activation of metallized ceramics. Specific systems are available for standard ceramics, low temperature co-fired ceramics, glass ceramics, and aluminum nitride. The net result is a uniform catalyzation of the metallized surface without damage to the underlying ceramic substrate.

Thru-Nic CL – Super high throwing power electrolytic nickel. One disadvantage of sulfamate or sulfate-based electrolytic nickels is the lack of throwing power, or the inability to deposit nickel in multiple locations without elaborate anode-cathode arrangements.

These problems are eliminated with Thru-Nic. Thru-Nic typically yields a 5-fold increase in throwing power over standard nickel systems. The net result is an improvement in both quality and productivity.

NTB-302 electrolytic tin produces a uniform coating of pure tin for chip resistors, chip capacitors, chip inductors, and other applications that can’t be exposed to acidic solutions. Deposited film of electrolytic tin has exceptionally uniform grain structure, plus:

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Uyemura supplies electroless gold, electroless nickel, boron electroless nickel, electrolytic nickel; electrolytic tin; also pretreatment for electroless plating of metallized ceramics.